Thursday, March 20, 2008

Room in Progress

A Room at the Merrill Hotel - in progress

This is the appearance of my work desk at the moment. The Retro Suites Lobby shadowbox is almost done. I'm just waiting for a few more pieces to complete the theme. My idea is to present items that a man might throw on a desktop (in a hotel) before retiring to bed. This way, the gun, wallet, hotel room key, and matchbook I was asked to use will all make sense- how else would you explain all these items in one pile?

For the background, I sawed the top off a 1930's-style walnut veneer desk. Once all the bits and pieces (gun, etc) are glued onto it, the desktop will mount to the brick wall, leaving brick exposed around the edges because the desktop is smaller than the shadowbox space. The fedora (bottom left corner of photo) will angle off the desktop and rest partly on the shelf of the shadowbox area. I may also put a glass on that shelf, complete with lipstick mark. Maybe my hotel guy had a late-night visitor!

I am excited about this project! I am waiting for a 1950's vintage cigarette pack.... everyone smoked in the 1950's, didn't they?

What you can't see are the words in the letter that is resting under the gun. It begins, "Well, Eddie, I guess you played me for a sucker." The words get more angry.... the scorned lady who wrote the letter actually says that if she can't have him, she will have to kill him. If you're ever at the Retro Suites Hotel in Chatham, check out this shadowbox. If you get close enough, you'll be able to read this letter with those very words.

Let this be a lesson to you. Be careful what you write- that hate letter you wrote to your ex might be found between a baseboard and the wall during a building renovation, and it might catch someone's attention and end up front and centre in a piece of art.