Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Room

A Room at the Merrill Hotel

Here's the finished product for the Retro Suites, which I've called "A Room at the Merrill Hotel".

I'll try to get a photo of it hanging up at the Retro Suites. I took the items I was given and added a few more: a '50's cigarette pack, an old pen, an old set of Ford car keys, a dollar bill that someone would have used during the '50's, and some Chatham postcards.

I think it turned out quite well!

My shadowboxing has ground to a halt because I have a new full-time job in marketing at our local Cultural Centre. I still plan to work on some boxes but, for now, I'm getting my sea-legs. Adjusting to full-time hours and the pace of a workplace is taking some time. No more working all morning on a shadowbox, eating lunch while watching Law & Order, and then working on the box again until the kids get home at 3:30pm! I am enjoying my new job and the people that I work with. Honestly, I don't really have time to miss my artwork. But I haven't forgotten.

Next box: a custom order from a lady who wants to give her sister something special.