Saturday, July 12, 2008



Three months has passed since my last entry- time flies when you get a job! I have been pretty busy lately, but I was able to finish a commission I did for a lady named Gerri.

In about a week, Gerri's sister Franki is going to visit her from England. They are very close. Gerri is going to surprise Franki with this shadowbox I made. It is called "Sisters". One of the cuter things in the box is the bunch of jellybeans in the teacup, bottom right. Apparently Franki couldn't say 'Geraldine' when she was little, so she called her older sister 'Jellybean'.

It was a fun box to make. I had to keep in mind that Franki is going to be taking this box back on the airplane, so it is a little smaller than my usual work. As you can see, though, it is no less detailed.

My next shadowbox project will be for the bi-annual Eye for Art Exhibition, which is what got me started when it was held two years ago. I have a neat store mannequin, a male torso, that modelled shirts. I'd like to use that somehow, and put it in a really big and elaborate gold frame.

I'll keep you posted.