Sunday, September 27, 2009

A doll bird?

This is the little doll baby that is being 'birthed' from a gaping hole in a word-covered male torso. Which is wrapped with barbed wire. And the words all over the torso are all about violence, hurt, and anger. The shadowbox is being made so now I must wait and resist the urge to play with what is done.

The doll doesn't have any eyes- instead, she has two words on her eyelids: blind faith
What you can't see are the three hands holding the wound open- a doll hand at the end of a gun, a doll hand at the end of an operating instrument, and a doll hand at the end of a snake.

I don't know what this shadowbox is going to be called. It is going to be my submission for the 2009 Juried Show.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pawing Some Ideas

Angus the Cat 'playing' with Flatsy

OMG!!! I have a creative block!!!

I spent a few hours looking at Henrik Drescher's website, hoping for some inspiration.

I sawed a mannequin in half- seemed like a good idea at the time- so now what?


I'm trying to get ready for the Juried Show at the Thames Art Gallery. I'm stuck.

Maybe I need a bag of Gummy Bears- they seem to get me thinking.

I could probably use a new pair of shoes while I'm out, too......

Maybe I'll just go shopping.