Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Fish is Cooked

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary- fish detail

I'm just about done the shadowbox I've created for the LOOK Juried Show in Sarnia. The glue is drying, and I have to attach the frame. Here's a sneak peek. The Virgin Mary has just cooked a fish, and the angels are looking at it, forks and spoons in hand.

This would not be a miraculous occasion in the day and times of a good woman in, say, 14BC. It would be a miraculous occasion in my house, however, no matter what year it is. That is not to say that I am not a good woman- I am what I like to call Domestically Challenged.

I like the shiny silver fish. And, of course, the fish is also a symbol of Christ/Jesus/Christianity. It all works. I'll post the whole shot when it is ready.

I think I'll be driving my entry to Sarnia later this week, as the deadline is February 5th and I don't trust the mail. But my entry is almost done.

It's a miracle!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Need Some Sun!

Miss Thang

I am trying to get an entry together for the LOOK juried exhibition in Sarnia.....but all I can think about is getting some sun. We were supposed to be in Key West this week, but it is the first year of high school exams for my oldest boy and rather than leave him behind, we did the responsible thing and stayed home to help him through the ordeal. Which is turning out to be no big deal.

Next year, I'll make him study by the pool in Key West. It is cold and dark and either snowing or raining here and I don't feel very creative. I watched Anna Karenina on the weekend and I don't think that helped my mood any!!

So far, the title of the new shadowbox has morphed into 'in fragrante delicio'. Oh, 'tis complicated (and muddled!) to trace the steps to this point but I think it is going to work. I'm doing things I haven't done before- sawed the handles off forks, stuck a big metal fish to the bottom of the box and prayed that it will stay put, and considered chopping angels in half. All in the name of art!
So, off I go down to my Art Lair... hoping for inspiration and that a bag of gummy bears will mysteriously surface on my desk.

And dreaming of the sun. And Corona with Key lime.