Friday, March 19, 2010

Ah, Spring!

"untitled" because I can't think of anything that isn't rude

I'm posting this just because it is spring and.... um..... just because. Actually, I was looking over the shots from this session and thinking that they might be good submissions for the Desmond Juried Art Show.... is that photo REALLY focussed on rural life, you ask? Well, it features home-grown produce! Of COURSE it makes reference to rural life.

At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Art Zombie

It was a rainy Saturday. She wondered what project to start- there were so many swirling around in her head. Finish the shadowbox? Start a new one? Work on a collage? Write in her journal? As she pondered her choices and made her way to the basement door, she heard an unearthly growl coming from the Art Room.

"Hmmm...", she thought. "The cat is prowling around outside. The kids are playing Xbox. The washing machine buzzer doesn't sound like that and the doorbell has been working better in the past month.... What on earth could that BE??"

She opened the door and came face to face with...... the Art Zombie.

Okay, I'm bored. It really IS raining and I want to go outside. Ah, the Afflictions of March! Not even the new version of Photoshop is keeping my mind from wandering.

I have become...... an Art Zombie.

Show me some mercy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Burn, Baby, Burn

Through Women's Hands
went well. I attended the show and brought one example of each of the things that I do: printmaking, collage, photography, and shadowboxes.

I am currently finishing a shadowbox called "Our Lady of Perpetual Illumination". It involves a Barbie wrapped in vintage '50's Christmas lights. It WILL light up. I had some other ideas for a series based on Saints. I'm rather partial to "St. Seraphina of the Immaculate Suspension". And believe it or not, there really IS a saint called "St. Christina the Astonishing"- I've got some ideas for that as well.

I'm glad it is getting warmer because that means Garage Sale Season is getting closer. I need some more stash! Friends give me things, but I still need more. More, more!

For now, just sitting and percolating.... sketching and pondering.... still eating gummy bears... thinking about Eye for Art 2010...