Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Ideas

I Love A Man With Big Ideas

One of the collages I just finished.

Beautiful Things

A monumental slug. Nay, a Herculean slug.

A really really pretty and breathtaking view

This was the spectacular view after hiking through mossy paths in Victoria...... If I could, I'd park an Airstream right on this spot and learn to paint.

The top image is of a slug.... isn't it cool? (There's a toonie there for size reference.)

I AM working on some art, not just distracting you with photos of my trip out West.

I finished three collages on the weekend and will post them shortly.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back from Victoria

I just spent a week in Victoria and I'm all rested and ready to create!

I saw Emily Carr's work at the Art Gallery of Victoria and was inspired. Not sure how that relates to shadowboxes and pictures of Ken and Barbie, but I'll figure it out. I picked up a copy of Emily Carr's journals and I am finding her entries very interesting. I loved it when she wrote about trying to paint a mountain and not being able to capture its true nature, then getting frustrated after a few months and painting over it. (All we know is the famous Emily and we tend to forget that she was an artist who had failures and frustrations, too.) She had 4 dogs, a monkey, and a rat, which I find amusing. I had a five-hour wait at the Calgary airport and being immersed in Emily made the time go faster. And she wrote books, too! I did not know that.

Now, back to 'Our Lady of Perpetual Illumination', and "St. Catherine the Barefoot'- two shadowboxes I'm working on in my new Saint Series. Maybe I'll do a west-coast themed piece- St. Penelope of the Precipice? St. Margaret of the Mountain? St. Gertrude of the Grotto? You never know.