Monday, May 24, 2010

A Nice Day

fresh tub o' margarine

There is poetry in the smallest, unlikely things.... I have these moments where I am stopped dead in my tracks and then find myself searching for my camera. The above image is of a margarine container, newly opened. Such delectable promise! Worthy of a photo.

Today is a beautiful sunny day and, although the Art Siren called me at around 11am, I ignored her. I watched an epic movie, Spartacus... and then I threw a load of laundry in the machine, cracked open a cold Corona, and went outside to survey my flowers. My peonies are in various states of blooming- some brazenly socializing and others, party-hesitant. Irises are blooming loudly. The mock orange is ready to flash me some bright white (although definitely not in surrender, as it is twice as big as it was last year at this time). I am waiting patiently for the weigela, which seems to be taunting me with its promises of pink trumpets. Colour can be noisy.

I am a bit disappointed with my roses, though, as trespassing worms seem to be helping themselves to delicate buds. I have picked them off by hand and thrown them happily out into the grass where I hope they'll feel as lost and vulnerable as a tourist in Rome. I know they have to eat. I just wish they'd find another diner with a rose bud special.

I am still working on lighting my series of "Saints" shadowboxes... and not getting too far. I'm now hopelessly behind on my goal of one shadowbox a month and hope to fire up the afterburners soon. But this weather isn't helping. I am torn. Should I hide myself away in the Art Lair, without any windows, or do I bask in the sun and survey the riot of colour that my garden dishes out?

Tough choice.

Maybe it's just a simple case of needing vitamins C (lime in the Corona) and D (sun).

In that case, the vitamin deficiency won today.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty Swirls

Her Lips Remember (collage)

This is a collage about fond memories and fabulous kisses! This collage is created over a print I made called "3-Faced". I seem to be on a swirly-bits kick right now.

I'm not sure where this is coming from. I did notice that my tampon wrappers are covered in swirls, too. They're kinda pretty. I'm thinking that the wrappers are designed to momentarily distract women from a monthly evil mindset in which they feel like gnawing on porcelain. Are swirls now part of the marketing collective unconscious?

I dunno. Swirls are kinda pretty.