Sunday, March 13, 2011

"American Beauty"

Muffy's in A Bit of A Jam

Nice Buns

Bottle Blonde

American Beauty

American grocery stores are so much fun when you have a Muffy doll and a camera. There are so many brands and different things that we don't ever see in Canada, such as a fully-stocked wine section. I recently took Muffy along with me to a Publix store in Key West. It became an entertaining quest to find funny poses for her.

Added to the fun were the responses from the shoppers ("Is that picture for the family album?"). And, of course, there was the sub-quest, which was grocery shopping. I didn't find the cereal I wanted and I completely forgot the milk, but I ended up with a box of Crispy Cremes, a bag of Chips Ahoy Chunky cookies, and some Sun Chips, thanks to my eager 10 year-old "helper".

It wasn't a complete fiasco, however, as I also got a case of Corona Light and some Key limes.

And yes, I did get some great Muffy shots.