Sunday, July 31, 2011

St. Successa

St. Successa (in progress-a)

This is the last shadowbox in the Saints series. St. Successa is an actual saint, but as you can see I've reinterpreted her (as I've done for all the others in this series).

St. Successa has gotten ahead by stepping on others and sleeping her way to the top. This was inspired by a conversation I overheard recently between two women. One of their co-workers had been promoted to a position of power and they were convinced that it had nothing to do with brain capacity or experience. One of them wondered if only men were on the selection panel, as this successful woman was quite attractive. It was suggested that the successful woman must have worn a very short skirt the day of the interview. The successful woman's ability to delegate effectively was also discussed, and the conclusion between these two women was that she is a bitch. And she has balls!


I shouldn't go on a rant here and say that we should be happy for every woman's success and not be a source of negativity. But now that I've brought it up- we should be happy for every woman's success and not be a source of negativity.

I am currently working on St. Successa for my show in September, The Exhibitchin'. I'm thinking that I need some money in the box somehow. A Porsche 911. And maybe a crown.

We'll see what treasures can be found in the Art Lair.

Pink Haze

Pink Haze 4

Pink Haze 3

Pink Haze 2

Pink Haze

Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Car Shots


Shark Infested Water

This Way

Calla Lily

Little Wing


Coming For You


Black Mamba

More cool shots taken at Retrofest.