Monday, March 26, 2012

Nude is Not Crude

The upcoming ARTspace Community Arts Initiative is called "Nude is Not Crude". Although submissions are not due until July, I had some time last night and decided to photograph Muffy.
I'm pleased with the results.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Victory is Mine!


Victory is done!

Special thanks to fellow Exhibitchin' artist Kelly Ridley for giving me the great gift of a mannequin hand. This shadowbox is my homage to the women who worked in the munitions factories during WW2 and 'held the fort' while the men waged war on the battlefields. It is about their ability to work hard in the factories and still go home and make dinner for their families. It is about how they kept the home fires burning while they waited for news from the Front. It is about the women who served in the war and lost their lives.

Was the winning of the war a victory for the women who had to relinguish their jobs and act the good wifey after doing a man's job for years? Was it a victory for them to welcome home a shell-shocked husband who had seen his friends killed? Was it a victory for these women to realize their feelings had changed for their husbands who had become strangers?

Victory. At what cost?