Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Triple Exposures

Double Meghan 2012
Kiss From a Dead Fish

Eye for Art is coming up in October and I am planning to submit a piece.  This bi-annual juried show marks the 6-year anniversary of my first (and very successful) foray into the artworld.  I was going to make a shadowbox entitled "Sisters", but the composition isn't quite worked out yet.  I think I'm going to submit a large-scale photograph.

With a twist.  I'm working on some triple exposure images, taken with my Praktica B100.  Above are two interesting collage/shots of my sister-in-law, Meghan, and my son, Monty, taken at Rondeau Park a few weekends ago. 

I love the randomness of these types of images.  I shoot a roll of film, wind it back, shoot the same film again, and then again.  I take the film to Shoppers Drug Mart and have them place the images on a CD.  I do not alter the images- they are what they are.

My art practice, consisting of either shadowboxes or collages or printmaking, is very time-consuming and deliberate.  Symmetry is important, as is placement.  I sometimes move an item around 10 or more times before I find the right spot.  The result is worth the effort.

But a girl has to bust free every now and again!  I tried non-representational painting and although my friends liked the result, I'm not convinced I'm a painter.  I need dimension and layering and I can't quite get that effect with paint.  I want randomness WITH dimension and layering.

I found the Praktica at Value Village, bought some 200 film, and have been getting some great results.  Some of the shots are amusing (like Monty getting 'kissed' by a dead fish, above).  It is always a surprise what the images are going to look like.  I can choose subjects like dead fish and kids and rocks and waves, but the end result is up to Fate.

I trust Her.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Friends & Piano Keys

One of my best friends, Roni, is moving to Toronto.  She owned an antique shop for quite a few years and is now facing the biggest move of her life.  Over the years, she has collected some very cool items.

Like these piano keys.

Today, I was at her warehouse sale and she gave me 4 boxes of piano keys.  To a found object artist like me, this is an art piece in the raw.  What can I do with 4 boxes of piano keys?

You just wait.  I'll figure it out.

Add these boxes of piano keys to the two mannequin bodies I got from another friend on Friday, and I think I can honestly say that I've run out of room in the Art Lair.

As far as I'm concerned, these are problems everyone should have!  I have good friends who are always giving me cool things, and I have an Art Lair where I can create.

Thank you, Roni, for being one of the first people to befriend me when I moved to Chatham.  Thank you for all the neat little treasures you have given me over the years, and thank you for the fun we've had goofing around at concerts and house parties.  More than anything, thank you for telling me you have a guest room that you expect me utilize when I visit Toronto.  You're the best!