Sunday, February 17, 2013


Feverfish, 2010
Feverfish is a print I made about three years ago.  I drew this with a Sharpie marker on an aluminum plate when I had a fever, hence the name.  I am sitting in my Art Lair, trying to find some inspiration.  I am going over some old projects, and reviewing my journals for any unrealized idea.  The Thames Art Gallery Juried Show is coming up in October, and I want to have an idea percolating in my brain over the next few months. Should I submit some photography?  A shadowbox? 
I am drawing a blank (pun intended) right now. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Running a Thread

 Our Livingroom 
 The Retro Suites Hotel at the Corner of King & William 
The Old Courthouse 
The Old Synagogue

Behind the Sears Store Waits My Airstream Dream
The Pines Chapel

Turquoise Splendour at the Post Office

Sonya Roe's Window Display

Under the Fifth Street Bridge (because it is so industrial and spooky)
The Chatham-Kent Museum put out a call for photos for an exhibition entitled "Running A Thread Through Chatham-Kent".  Photographers were asked to photograph their favourite places in Chatham-Kent and hold a piece of yarn at the bottom of each photo.  When the photos are hung on the wall in the museum, they are all 'connected' by a thread. I'll be submitting the photos tomorrow.
I spent a great day with the boys, photographing 92 of our favourite places.  Here are a few of mine.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Marshall Time!

Printmaking with Marshall
One of the ways I get through the darkness of January and February is to take art classes.  If I'm lucky enough, as I am this year, I take a printmaking class taught by my friend, Marshall Heaton.  I learn something new every session.  So far this session, I am learning that I like working with acetone.  And that Marshall makes neat solutions for printmaking using brake fluid, of all things.
Here's a photo taken in 2011 during one of the many escapades I've had with Marshall.  While my fellow students were using the press, Marshall and I had this great idea that the Curator's freshly-painted white wall needed some art.  If I remember correctly, the image that I am standing in front of was a photo of Group of Seven member,Tom Thomson. Marshall and I thought that although we were engaging in an unauthorized photo-transfer print-bombing, we should stick to relevant art-based images. More or less.  The enlarged Brazilian postage stamp was an anomaly, but we thought it worked. (I think it was a colour thing.)
There would be three more classes during which Marshall and I would sneak into the Curator's office and add to our giant wall collage.  The Curator was very good-humoured about our "decorating". 
Alas, our fabulous giant wall collage was painted over this past Christmas.  Observant artist that I am, it took me almost two weeks to notice.  And I work with Curator.
This winter, I am once again taking printmaking, instructed by my friend and co-conspirator, Marshall Heaton.  We have promised to behave and not paint the Curator's wall.
Marshall and I have noticed, however, that the cupboards in the art room are looking a little plain...