Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bits and Pieces

untitled (for now)
This is a collage that is laid out on my desk right now.  I still have to glue it.  I was listening to opera and messing around with images of women from magazines, a vintage Victorian hand graphic, and a package of WW2 meat ration coupons. 
I thought this severe 'deconstructionist' vibe was something new in my work, but then I realized that the Saints series, particularly the shadowbox of 'St. Catherine the Astonishing', is similar.  I really like the look of this collage.  I'm not sure if it needs a background. 
And I have no idea what to call it!
While I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to summon the will to glue, I arranged piano keys and empty pill bottles on the floor in a big circle.  It looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself.
Just messing around with bits and pieces.....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

In the Paper!

Click on the link above and see a recent article about me in the Chatham Daily News.   

In the article, I forgot to mention that I'm an artist, although people who know me already know that.  Unbeknownst to most people, however, this photo was taken in a cemetery.  It's one of my favourite places to go when I need to percolate.

Be Fruitful

Be Fruitful

Calling Card
I really didn't get much done during the 6-week printmaking class that I recently took.  I was having much too much fun socializing!  I did manage to create two pieces, Be Fruitful, and Calling Card.  Instructor Marshall Heaton cranked the press wheel for me, which is probably why the images turned out so crisply!
Calling Card is a mix of a Victorian hand and an enlarged meat ration coupon from WWII.  I was being a bit cheeky with this print, referencing the custom to present a calling card when visiting during Victorian times.  The calling cards were so beautifully crafted and featured lovely calligraphy.  I was also thinking of the fact that Victorian women were expected to marry and have children, and most of the opportunities to find a mate were through social occasions and introductions.  Victorian ladies were dressed up in ribbons and bows and corseted within an inch of their lives in order to look attractive and doll-like, and weren't allowed to talk about certain things in 'mixed' company, and had to learn all sorts of things like singing and drawing and languages in order to be considered 'accomplished' so they could land the right sort of mate, and how the courtship had to be an appropriate length of time, and all the other social rules that had to be followed.  And the end result was often the same: breeding stock.  In this print, I was thinking that Victorian women should have just presented their calling cards directly to the men, skipped all those tiring steps, and said "I am ready to breed.  I am the right piece of meat for you."
Be Fruitful is a print-based collage with similar overtones.  Get married, have kids.  If you click on this image, you will see that the woman being 'squeezed' by the hand has a postage stamp halo from the Vatican.  Good girls don't use birth control and freely produce fruit from their loins. I love how vibrant the oranges turned out in this print.  The oranges image was taken from a 1960's Good Housekeeping Magazine.
International Women's Day was yesterday.  I owe a lot to the women who came before me.