Monday, May 20, 2013


Our Living Room
and cat, Angus
Well, I didn't get into the Juried Show in Sarnia.  But neither did the four other people who entered from my area.  We were all quite surprised as, between the five of us, we represented just about every area of art. We were certain that even one of us would get in but, alas, it was not so.
Today, I'm looking a lot like my cat Angus (above), who just adjusted to the chaos during our recent kitchen ceiling leak.  He was still able to find a spot to nap, even when all the family room furniture had to be piled into the livingroom.  I'm sitting on top of the pile of things that have accumulated in the Art Lair over the past few months.  They are all good things that I plan to use, but the reality of the situation is that I'm running out of room.  I just have to get more creative with my stacking and arranging.  My kids are complaining that it looks like a scene out of a horror movie as soon as they turn on the basement light.  My recent acquisition of 5 mannequins has officially confirmed that the Art Lair is too small.  The only place for them is at the bottom of the basement stairs.  As soon as you turn on the light, you are met with the painted eyes of 5 naked, handless, 6-foot tall women, staring vacantly at you as they casually lean against bookshelves and the furnace and piles of disassembled Eastlake chairs.  
I suppose that's creepy. 
I found a dead cat at the beach yesterday, and brought home its head to dry out.  The ears are still attached!  That desiccated little horror is drying inconspicuously in a planter outside in the garden. My husband will discover it when waters his herbs later on today.
I suppose that's creepy, too.
But other found object artists will understand that these types of things are necessary to have on-hand, just in case you need them.  It's all part of our Every Day Normal.  The people who live with us have come to accept that we may veer off the street at any moment to pick up a discarded treasure.  They've accepted that we see rotting carcasses as good skull harvesting opportunities.  And that handless mannequins could be the backbone of a truly unique art piece for the next Juried Show entry.
I've got music, handless mannequins, and a day off.  As my son would say, I'm "buffering". 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Show Posters

I'm working on a solo show idea involving Women as Furniture,
possibly for exhibition at ARTspace in 2014. 
It got me to thinking about my previous shows. 
Here are the posters from my Exhibition Archive, which always make me smile.