Sunday, September 29, 2013

Four Housewives



As often happens with my work, great ideas solidify as I create.  It seems that my 'Women As Furniture' idea became 'The Four Housewives of the Apocalypse'.  Above are Greta and Viola.  One morning, I was lazing in bed, trying to avoid doing the laundry and tidying up from the weekend.  In a house with three males, I end up doing all the laundry.  Women are just supposed to like that task, I guess.  (Actually, I think it's because I care about my men having clean clothes more than they do.)  But it made me think.  What what would happen if all the women in the world stopped doing what was expected of them?  What if all the women who do laundry, cook dinner, host parties, and teach children just said "NO!" ?  

I think that there would be an apocalypse.  I have made four mannequins- one has said 'no' to sewing and laundry (I haven't named her yet).  One has said 'no' to entertaining and being ladylike (Viola).  One has said 'no' to teaching and playing with children (Greta).  And one has said 'no' to cooking and baking (Molly).  Each has a weapon appropriate to their theme.  For example, Molly, the kitchen lady, is brandishing an electric knife.  I'm just about done adding the final details to each one.

I recently asked my son if he would bring his new girlfriend over for dinner.  He said no.  I asked him why.  "Well, for ONE thing," he said, "there are mannequins in the livingroom".

Um, yeah.  There are.  I ran out of room in the Art Lair.  I told him that since it is close to Hallowe'en, I'll put sheets over the mannequins and we could pretend they're ghosts.  He just rolled his eyes.

Two people who do not think that mannequins in the livingroom are weird are Carl Lavoy, Curator of the Thames Art Gallery, and Sonya Blazek, Assistant Curator.  They came to visit me for a Curatorial Visit a few weeks ago and Carl said that he would like me to submit a proposal for a possible show at the Gallery.  I am excited!  I have decided to include a video installation with the mannequins as well. Details later.

Possibly having a show at the Gallery means that I cannot submit any of the mannequins as my work for the 2013 Juried Show at the Gallery. (Artists LOVE having these dilemmas.)

So I did the next best thing.  I am submitting photographs of two of the Apocalypse mannequins.  The juror for the 2013 Thames Art Gallery Juried Show is Sigi Torinus, who is professor and chair of Integrated Media at the School for Arts and Creative Innovation, University of Windsor.  She has also taught at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Braunschweig Art Institute.  

I hope she likes mannequins.