Sunday, July 13, 2014

Text & Thanks

Come Hell or High Water, 2004 & 2014

Jet, 2004 & 2014

The Thames Art Gallery is preparing for text-based show, in conjunction with the ground floor exhibition Other Histories by Amin Rehman.

Here are the two submissions that I created- Come Hell or High Water, and Jet.

I tried creating some text-based art about ten years ago, while I was teaching myself how to use Adobe Photoshop.  The two works shown above were experiments that remained half-finished for the last ten years. Last month, when the call went out for the Text-based show, I knew it was the right opportunity for me to finish my experimental work. What I found really interesting is that I still like the concept of both pieces.  Looking around my Art Lair right now, it occurs to me that future work with Photoshop might be THE answer to my space constraints.  I adore old magazines and books, but I am slowly running out of space to store them.  And it is difficult to categorize all the bits and pieces I am collecting..... that often takes more time than actually creating a collage.

And now I must give thanks to two very special people in my life.

Grammy Jeanette Birch, age 102, June 2014,
 and my mom, Sandra.
They made me do it.

I recently returned from Prince Edward Island, where I attended a family reunion, ate too many mussels, and visited my Grammy.  I didn't realize until a few decades ago that art-making ran in my family. My Grammy and my mom encouraged me to `do something` with my creativity from a very early age, but I didn`t think I had anything interesting to show the world. I did not start seriously making art until 2006. Thirty years passed from the time they started telling me to `do something` and me actually `doing something`. I guess I don`t hear too good, as one of my relatives would say.  

So, here is me `doing something` a little different, with Photoshop.  Electronic collage, basically.  I don`t know what Grammy would think of Photoshop in general, but I`m sure she`d like the end results.  These two text-based pieces (which will be on display at the Thames Art Gallery from August 15 - October 5, 2014) were made possible because of the encouragement from these two strong women in my life.

I am very lucky.