Saturday, February 7, 2015

Time For Love

Time For Love (for Lindsay) 2015
shadowbox in clock case

Forgiveness (2008)

Over the past eight years, I am very grateful for the people who have supported my unique vision. They are my litmus test. I try new ideas and, if people purchase my work, I feel I have been successful with my message.  Sometimes, one of my works appeals to someone I would never have expected. Lindsay is one of those people.  

The first shadowbox I made that included skulls, Forgiveness (2008), was an experiment. I wanted to start altering Barbie-type dolls in a more macabre manner, and I wasn't sure what the response would be.  Up until this point, I think my work was quite good, but it lacked an edge.  I was utilizing interesting dolls and vintage kitsch in my shadowboxes, yet I felt I was sliding into "cute".  I submitted Forgiveness (2008) to a juried show, Eye for Art 2008.  It was accepted.  I was a little surprised, but thrilled.

I was even more thrilled when Lindsay approached me and said that she wanted to purchase Forgiveness (2008). Lindsay is a phenomenal artist. Nature and the outdoors are important in her life, and this is reflected in her work. I took a printmaking class with her years ago, and while I was using up all the photo-transfer film and creating prints from my photos of Ken dolls, Lindsay created a series of intricately-rendered birch trees. They were beautiful. I consider my work more lowbrow than the work of most of my contemporaries and sometimes my approach doesn't fly with artists who have had a formal education. I am also not a painter, which gives me a different perspective. Often, painters and found-object artists don't speak the same language. But Lindsay, a painter with a formal art education, understood Forgiveness (2008). I didn't have to explain a thing.  I was very honoured that Forgiveness (2008) would hang in her house.

See Lindsay's work here:  Lindsay's ARTspace page

Lindsay got married in August, to a very handsome man with kind eyes. I bought a card for them. But then I had pause to think. Discovering that she appreciated my work was a pivotal point in my art career, and for that I was truly grateful. I felt that a card just didn't cut it.  I decided to create a special wedding gift.

For Lindsay, I created Time For Love (2015).  It has many of the same elements as Forgiveness (2008), which I think Lindsay will appreciate.

I wish her and her husband many, many years of happiness. I have had many, many rewarding and successful art years as a result of her show of support for me in 2008.

Cheers, Lindsay! May you always have Time For Love.