Monday, April 20, 2015

Yule like these!

I Want a New Car For Christmas

Deer Frida

I made three very cool arrangements over Christmas: Cat*as*trophy (previous post), I Want a New Car For Christmas (above), and Deer Frida (above, private commission).

I had so much fun making these arrangements that I am going to make many more this year.  Raccoon skulls might be the Christmas arrangement skull of choice!

Puppet Master

background of new shadowbox, The Puppet Master

It has been a busy spring, which has not translated into much art time. I have been collecting assemblage items like a crazed squirrel, and meeting with out-of-town gallery owners in hopes of having them take my work. Assemblage is not yet a big hit with gallery owners around here, but I know it will be. I will persist.

I have been travelling to art exhibitions for inspiration (such as Diego and Frida in Detroit, Basquiat  and Douglas Coupland in Toronto), going to openings, and putzing around in my garden.

I am slowly constructing a shadowbox entitled Strings Attached- The Puppet Master. I hope to have it ready for the Thames Art Gallery Juried Show 2015, which will be happening later this year.  It incorporates a large, hand-painted gelatin photograph from the 1890s (above), vintage mannequin hands, and a miniature puppet theatre. 

So far, the shadowbox has a "memento mori" feel to it as I tend to be favouring dark fabrics and black roses. I like the concept that the puppet theatre will be a box-within-a-box. 

I can't wait to make the little puppets!