Monday, July 20, 2015

He Said, She Said

Untitled (Dali vs. Warhol?). By Marshall Heaton and Laurie Langford, 2015

My friend (and previous printmaking instructor), Marshall Heaton, and I have been approved for an exhibition at ARTspace in February of 2016. The working title is He Said, She Said, which is a call-and-response collaboration.

Both of us have been in a bit of an art rut lately, so we decided to join forces and see what we could create. We started with 6 sheets of printmaking paper each. I collaged on my six, and he lithographed on six.

Then we switched. I collaged over his lithographs, and he litho-ed over/around my collages.

We met at a sketchy truck stop located half-way between our houses, and checked out the results. We laughed at a few combinations, and were confused by a few, but the end results are going to make a wonderful exhibition full of unexpected juxtapositions.

The exchanges were filmed, and the video will be part of the exhibition.

We will be creating combinations until early in the new year, just so that we have a good stock of pieces to choose from for the exhibiton. I can't wait to see what we come up with!