Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Barbed Magazine

My work is featured on page 73 of Issue 4 !!

"Barbed Magazine began in September 2014 in Canada, promoting art and culture within the vicinities of the city of Windsor, Ontario.

The magazine started through collaborations and friendships with local artists and other people interested in the art community with local businesses buying spaces for ads, and government grants.

Inspiration came from frequent discussions about the shortage of gallery spaces and muted conversations about works created within the city.

Today, Barbed is a blended publication of new works, artist's nodes, performance art, food reviews, interactions, and new artists; produced in limited edition copies. And, officially, as of August of 2015, Barbed moved to Detroit, Michigan, thanks in part to the EPI Center - the University of Windsor that initially provided funds to support the magazine. Although physically in the US, a part of Barbed is still dedicated to promoting the artworks of Canadian artists living at the border.

Barbed Magazine is printed twice a year, in the Spring and the Winter, each issue features new works, interviews, experimental, and confessional art." 

- from the Barbed Magazine website

I am very pleased to be in such excellent company. The other artists in this issue are inspiring!

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