Monday, October 31, 2016

Got Damned!

The Damned IX Show

"DAMNED is an exhibition of those extraordinary creations that often emanate from within these prodigious moments to many times reveal enlightenment within our darkest of hours.  This is a minute glimpse within the vast shadows of id and ego…of overall mind and encompassing soul that may intrigue, disturb, inspire and/or repulse.  A one true reflection of self to express that beauty does lie within the repulsive, balance within imbalance or salvation within personal damnations." -from the Damned website

Me and my Damned submission 

Where they hung my Damned artwork

Deformity is a Gift, by Jeffrey Bowman                                   Itch, by Jody Elizabeth 
Two of my favourite Damned pieces at the show

The Damned crowd


One of the Damned cool performances

Absinthe being served at the Damned bar

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