Saturday, January 2, 2016

Offhand Re-Marks

Suck and Blow, 2016.  By Marshall Heaton and Laurie Langford 
Marshall said he added the Winston cigarette package as homage to the late,
great printmaker, Dan Dingler (who only smoked Winstons. Incessantly.).  
Marshall also added the 'Ottawa Roundup" at the top because Canada recently had
an election and the political circus was on his mind. Incessantly.

Offhand Re-Marks
at ARTspace in Chatham: February 18 - March 26, 2016

The title of my upcoming show with Marshall Heaton has morphed into Offhand Re-Marks.
Marshall made 6 lithographs, then handed them over to me.
I made 6 collages and then handed them over to Marshall.
Then he lithographed over my collages, and I collaged over his lithographs.
It was an incredible exercise in trust.  
We both surrendered all control over the finished image. 
Both of us "re-marked" the other's print.
And the end result is a completely new message. Offhand, unintended, unscripted. And sometimes quite funny.

Crossing boundaries, subversion, void, war, tension, trust, dialogue, control, sexuality, re-invention, gender-specific imagery, contradictions, ambiguities, kitschy images, unstable and multiple meanings, politics, etc..... you name it, it is going to be in this show.  I can`t wait!