Thursday, March 31, 2016

Condo Collage

Urban Renewal, 26.5"h x 30.5"w framed, 2015. 

There is a lot of construction going on in Historic Downtown Chatham. That's good because the new condo complex will bring new residents downtown.  It is creating jobs, and it is filling the vacant land where some historic buildings burned down. That's not-so-good because it is going to be the tallest structure in the downtown.  It looks a little out of scale. It looks a LOT out of scale. And there's the controversy and repeated delays that plague Everlast's latest project.

For a downtown that has had 3-storey buildings for almost 150 years, a 10-storey condo complex is going to take some getting used to. And the pricing seems a little out-of-whack for what is commonplace in our little downtown. These condos start at $399,000 when a nice house can be had here for $175,000. I know, I know- we are NOT the market. The marketers are appealing to the retiring Toronto crowd and offshore investors.

This $50 million dollar complex was due to be finished in 2014. It is now 2016. The "Danger Due to Construction" signs have been up for almost 4 years. An entire traffic lane is blocked. A massive crane looms over the downtown. There seems to be very little activity behind the barricades. It has become quite the topic of conversation in the local coffee shops, and some people feel that the Municipality was so desperate for development that they didn't examine Everlast's plans as carefully as they should have. 

Sometimes I want to sneak over to those signs with my black graffiti marker and 'adjust' their signs: Danger Due to ...Unfulfilled Promises.

The above collage, Urban Renewal, is my mixed response to this new building in our Historic Downtown. Which, by my guess, will be under construction for another 4 years- Everlast, indeed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Process Video- Offhand Re-Marks

Offhand Re-Marks, Laurie Langford and Marshall Heaton
at ARTspace, Chatham, Ontario

Although our exhibition is drawing to a close, there is one more bit you need to see.
Just so you can see how much fun we had creating the recent exhibition at ARTspace, here's our process video:

click here for Laurie and Marshall's Excellent Process Video

(Thank you to Monty Langford for the excellent job on the process video!)

Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for the exhibition assistance grant.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Not My Cup of Tea

Not My Cup of Tea, 2016, by Laurie Langford, artist

I just entered a show at the Walkerville Artists' Co-op, entitled "Revitalized".

"In an age of recycling, Walkerville Artists’ Co-op is hosting a showcase of sculptures made from found or recycled materials. The show, aptly named ‘Revitalized’, opens March 10th, running until April 1. Walkerville Artists’ Co-op (WAC) is an art gallery and shop at 1974, Wyandotte Street east in Walkerville, Windsor." 

I decided at the last minute to add this little piece, entitled "Not My Cup of Tea".It was so much fun to make that I may make some more.I love little teacups and I can certainly find some macabre things to full them with!