Wednesday, May 4, 2016

With Love

Yesterday, some lovely soul dropped off this pile of goodies for me. On my front step. I love it when my friends get me. (Thanks, Becky!)

So, what to do with these goodies.....? 

Recently, I've been intrigued with how artists incorporate electrical components in their work. I'm thinking that I might give it a shot for my submission to Eye for Art, the upcoming exhibition at the Thames Art Gallery. Using these old electrical boxes, of course.

But I am going to need help. The last time I tried messing with wiring, an electrical current arced through my palm, knocked me off the step ladder, and left me wondering what happened. 

Enter Steve de Haan, a co-worker at my new job, who checked out my website and thought my work was cool. We have determined that we share the same dystopian and twisted view of the world, and that we would work well together on a project.

I want to include mannequins. Steve's all about the light show and the theatre aspect of it all. Perfect.

I'll keep you posted.