Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Barbed Magazine

My work is featured on page 73 of Issue 4 !!

"Barbed Magazine began in September 2014 in Canada, promoting art and culture within the vicinities of the city of Windsor, Ontario.

The magazine started through collaborations and friendships with local artists and other people interested in the art community with local businesses buying spaces for ads, and government grants.

Inspiration came from frequent discussions about the shortage of gallery spaces and muted conversations about works created within the city.

Today, Barbed is a blended publication of new works, artist's nodes, performance art, food reviews, interactions, and new artists; produced in limited edition copies. And, officially, as of August of 2015, Barbed moved to Detroit, Michigan, thanks in part to the EPI Center - the University of Windsor that initially provided funds to support the magazine. Although physically in the US, a part of Barbed is still dedicated to promoting the artworks of Canadian artists living at the border.

Barbed Magazine is printed twice a year, in the Spring and the Winter, each issue features new works, interviews, experimental, and confessional art." 

- from the Barbed Magazine website

I am very pleased to be in such excellent company. The other artists in this issue are inspiring!

Exhibition Adventures

Above are 5 of the 8 'Girl Gang Vests' that Angelina LeDrew-Bonvarlez and I created for The League of Extraordinary Ladies, an exhibition that we created for ARTprize 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If you are an artist, you know that preparing for an exhibition is a LOT of work. Near the end of the time that Angelina and I were getting ready for ARTprize 2014, I think we both were exhausted trying to co-ordinate who had what vest, what time we should leave in order to avoid traffic at the border in Detroit, and how the heck we were going to carefully shove 4 mannequins and a 4'x6' painting in the back of the van.

It all came together, of course, and we had a very successful show. MFA student, Aj Cooke from Kendall College of Art & Design (Grand Rapids) wrote this review . 

Our hosts, Miranda and Josh, at the Glitter Milk Gallery were fantastic. They invited  Angelina and me stay at their apartment above the gallery. In the off hours when we weren't in the gallery, Miranda and Josh showed us some cool anime and took us out to dinner at various restaurants in Grand Rapids. Over four days, we ate and drank and met Miranda and Josh's friends and checked out the other artists exhibiting for ARTprize and got really inspired. 

When I think of The League of Extraordinary Ladies, I smile. I had so much fun! Thanks to Angelina, Miranda and Josh, and the city of Grand Rapids for hosting what the Art Newspaper reports is "the most attended public art event in the world". 

Sometimes, the memories made while exhibiting are just as important as the exhibition itself. You never know what adventures you will have.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Artist's Statement - NEW!

Marie's Womb, 2014. by Laurie Langford, artist

“An artist cannot talk about his art any more 

than a plant can discuss horticulture.” 

- Jean Cocteau

A sincere thank you to Thames Art Gallery writer-in-residence and poet Kara Smith for re-writing my artist statement for me! Here it is:

"Laurie Langford is a thought-provoking Canadian assemblage artist based in Chatham, Ontario.
Langford inserts subversive humour into her installations to prick debate on contemporary gender expectations. Her mixed-media shadow boxes, collage, photography, and printmaking overwrite the conventions of sexuality, domesticity, family, history and the body. Inspired by artists Barbara Kruger, Elizabeth ‘Bloodbath’ McGrath, and Norman Barney, as well as poets e.e. cummings and Edgar Allan Poe, Langford’s work narrates “pop culture innocence gone horribly wrong” (Vanderwall, 2011).
Langford uses a detailed, mixed-media overlay method to bring forth the dissenting story in each found piece, thereby disturbing the viewer’s comfortable seat in the world."

I think that works just fine.