Thursday, July 14, 2016

remembering Dan Dingler

untitled.  Dan Dingler

untitled. Dan Dingler

untitled. Dan Dingler

untitled. Dan Dingler

Dan Dingler passed away a year ago on July 15, 2015. 

His family donated a massive pile of prints to the Thames Art Gallery in Chatham. Recently, ARTspace had a sale of these works, and I purchased the ones above.
I had not seen any of Dan Dingler's work before, and I was instantly intrigued. Yes, the man had an ongoing fascination with penises. They are consistently a central image in his work. And the work is beautiful (see above).

From Daniel's obituary, published by the Windsor Star, July 21 - 24, 2015:
"Daniel was a Bavarian by descent, American by birth and Canadian by choice. He always knew he wanted to pursue a career in art, and received his BFA in Painting/Printmaking from Layton School of Art and his MFA in Printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art. In the middle of his time at Cranbrook he was drafted by the US Army to serve during the Vietnam War, but even then Daniel was recognized as a talented artist and served for two years as an Army illustrator. Once he received his honourable discharge, he completed his studies at Cranbrook. 

Daniel began teaching at the University of Windsor in 1970, and established the Lithography Department in the School of the Visual Arts. He also established the first papermaking courses in Canada. He taught courses in Italy, Germany, Spain, the United States, and throughout Canada. Daniel's artwork is included in many private and public collections. A multitude of his work has been featured in exhibits in Canada, the United States, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ghana, Holland, Iceland, Jamaica, South Africa, Japan and Sweden. Daniel had major, one-person shows at the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Munich Opera House, Rodman Hall Art Centre at St. Catherine's, and the Boston Museum School. Daniel was larger than life and self-proclaimed "Master of the Overdone". "

So now I know a little about Dan Dingler. I wish I had met him. Many of my friends took classes with him at the University of Windsor, and said that his parties were legendary. Apparently, he had a very eccentric and x-rated decorating scheme in his house. 

After going through what seemed like hundreds of Dan's prints, I found this one (above). It intrigued me. It was just thrown in with his prints, and although it is marked S. Steindorf, no one could tell me who the artist was. It reminded me of the work of Edvard Munch and Egon Schiele and even Goya. So I did some research. And this is what I found.
I just had to copy it because it is so moving.

From the Windsor Star, May 23, 2009

"STEINDORF DINGLER, Susan Mary Susan Mary Steindorf Dingler departed this world on the 23rd of May, 2008. Susan I'm writing this letter to you to let you know how the first year without you has unfolded. Your favourite "Queen" song, says it so much better that I. "Just one year ago is better than a lifetime alone. One sentimental moment in your arms is like a shooting star right through my heart. It's always a rainy day without you. I'm a prisoner of love inside you. I'm falling apart all around you. My heart cries out to your heart. All I can do is surrender (to the moment)". I surrender all to Jesus. If God is like in quantum physics that grid or pattern that makes us all a part of one another through Jesus I can begin to relate to the un-understandable. Most of us have a spot in our field of vision that doesn't allow us to see beyond. This spot makes us feel separate. Separation one from another in life and death, distance and ego, fear and loneliness is the evil and the enemy! "I want it all and I want it now! With pain and anger I've got to find a future, move out of my way; ain't much to ask if you want the truth. Here's to the future for the dreams of youth. Empty spaces, abandon places, what are we living for. Does anybody want to take it anymore? I guess I know the score. Inside I might be crying, my heart is breaking and my makeup maybe flaking but my smile stays on. Inside my darkness I can feel the show must go on." Whatever happens I leave it all to God. "Outside the dawn is breaking, inside my heart is aching but my smile stays on forever. Hold the line I have to find the will to carry on." All the fight has gone from my wounded heart. I close my eyes and shut the world away. I remember when your sweet love filled this empty room. The tears I cry won't bring you back again, only Jesus can mend this broken heart of mine. *Sukey, "you were my strength when I was weak. You were my voice when I couldn't speak. You were my eyes when I wouldn't see. You always saw the best there was in me. You lifted me up when I wouldn't reach. You gave me faith because you believed. I'm everything I am because you loved me. You gave me wings and made me fly. You touched my hand and I could touch the sky. No star was out of reach." I'm grateful for each day you gave me in 41 years. Susan "you stood by me and I stood tall. I had your love, I had it all. I was blessed because I was loved by you. Thank you for the joy you brought to my life and all the wrongs that you made right". I'll be forever thankful Susan you're the one who helped me up and never let me fall. You're the one who saw me through it all. I know God has something in mind for me but for now I'm lost without your love. With every new experience I wake and think I can call you at the hospital. It seems unreasonable for me to go on without you. We were so much a part of each other, not being able to touch, love, hold and laugh with you seems like cruel and unusual punishment. Susan it wouldn't be heaven if you had to worry about me, I'm so grateful for every second I had with you. I have been the luckiest man on earth. We together raised a wonderful boy, Noah. He is an intelligent, creative miracle of patience and love. Cameron is the best and most beautiful grandson, he smiles and laughs and talks at everything. He falls asleep in your lap without a bottle and sings himself to sleep. Wow, what a grandson. Laura has done such a wonderful job with him, no fear, loving, happy, reactive, baby boy. Laura and I have really connected she is so supportive Laura is the giving caring daughter we never had. They're just so far away. All by myself I have to wake up with only one leg and talk with only a bottom lip I'm half a man without you. Hey Suzy, I must admit I'm trilled and a tiny bit envious thinking of you with our heavenly father and being surrounded by your mother Marion my father Loyal, Mickey and even my mother restored to sanity. Windsor is still the picturesque cottage resort by the side of a vast and poisonous quicksand lagoon known as the rest of the world and I'm the under paid but stoic life guard. I have been busy not living... half dead and covered with bites, so I figured I'd just as soon wait till I got settled in after thrashing around in the underbrush of psychobabble, grief therapy and group therapy I then set out on a marathon acceptance journey. Hauling huge buckets of molten steel up fifteen flights of rickety stairs sprinkled liberally with scorpions and broken glass for nine hours a day seven days a week, just for kicks you understand. I sometimes wonder if it's all worth it... and you'd never realize I'm the master of the overdone. Susan you'll always be a part of me your loving husband Daniel." 

What an amazing man. What an amazing life.