Tuesday, February 7, 2017

31 Day Nap

"31 Day Nap"
in progress

I bought some little 5" x 5" canvases the last time I went out with my friends Tracy and Becky. They are painters. I thought I might try my hand at making little paintings.

The little canvases sat in a corner of the Art Lair for about 6 months. I kept looking at them, trying to figure out what I might paint. But I just can't paint. Every time I see a blank surface, I need to curate and glue things to that surface. It's an ongoing battle that often extends to rooms in the house. (Empty space near the couch? Put something there! What about that wall? That wall looks bare. Let's hang something on that wall! etc..)

Here is one of the little canvases that I am working on. I've called it "31 Day Nap". It is an homage to my new mattress, which is very comfy. 

One of the other little canvases I bought has dried orange slices glued to it, and another one is going to be a 'road' for some old toy cars. 

What is that old saying? You can take the Girl out of the assemblage, but you can't take the assemblage out of the Girl. 

Or something to that effect.

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